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We are a network of community supported fisheries and small-scale harvesters.

LocalCatch.org is a community-of-practice made up of fisherman, organizers, researchers, and consumers from across North America that are committed to providing local, healthful, low-impact seafood via community supported fisheries and direct marketing arrangements in order to support healthy fisheries and the communities that depend on them.


Find the best places nearby to get fresh,
local seafood directly from the source.

Find the best places nearby
to get fresh, local seafood
directly from the source.

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When consumers buy directly from the source, they gain access to fresh, healthful, ultra high quality seafood and know how, where, and from whom it was harvested.


Fishermen benefit from selling directly to consumers and institutional buyers because they make more for their catch and can forge relationships with seafood-loving consumers.


Direct marketing provides a platform for fishermen and consumers alike to engage in a dialog about community, fisheries, and marine stewardship.


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