How to Support LCN

The Local Catch Network (LCN) was founded in 2011 and is based at the University of Maine. Gifts from businesses and individuals support the continued growth of the Local Catch Network and its stakeholders.

Your gift will help the Local Catch Network: 

  • Continue to provide technical assistance and training opportunities for new and existing values-based seafood businesses.
  • Increase visibility and access to community supported fisheries (CSFs) and other seafood harvesters who sell directly to consumers.
  • Engage with partners to strengthen local and regional seafood systems.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop professional skills through research projects, event planning, and network support.

Ways to Support the Local Catch Network:

The Local Catch Network Fund

The Local Catch Network Fund supports the activities of LCN including, but not limited to, research, program development, technical assistance, and network building. To make a gift to the Local Catch Network Fund:


Sponsorships are available to corporations, organizations, and individuals who would like to make a gift towards supporting a particular event or activity. The Local Catch Network typically offers varying levels of sponsorship based on the level of giving.

In-Kind Donations & Volunteer Opportunities

In-kind donations and volunteer opportunities are available and can be assessed on a case-by-case basis.