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The Local Catch Network (LCN) works to strengthen the visibility and viability of small-scale fisheries and those engaged in direct-to-consumer models of seafood distribution. As a network of fishing families/businesses/communities, researchers, non-profit organizations, technical assistance providers, and decision-makers, we provide peer-to-peer learning opportunities and endeavor to build the infrastructure and systems necessary to support healthy local and regional seafood systems. Learn more about how we are accomplishing this objective:

Technical Assistance

LCN offers technical assistance to help seafood companies and fishing communities access the information and resources they need to thrive.

USDA LAMP Grant Resources

USDA invests millions in grants through the Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP) that develop, coordinate, and expand producer-to-consumer marketing, local and regional food markets, and local food enterprises.

Seafood Accelerator & Innovation Lab (SAIL)

Through SAIL, Local Catch offers several producer-centered services to help community-based seafood companies gain traction. Each program focuses on building the knowledge, skills, and networks needed for direct seafood businesses to thrive.

Community Dialog

LCN hosts online events and facilitates peer-to-peer conversations that focus on a range of topics related to small-scale fisheries and seafood production systems.


LCN is actively involved in a number of initiatives that aim to understand the socioeconomic and environmental contributions of local and regional seafood systems to society.

Local Seafood Summits

LCN hosts a Local Seafood Summit to facilitate knowledge sharing between network members. Summits showcase innovation and entrepreneurship within the seafood sector and focus on how network members  define and operationalize LCN’s core values. 


LCN and partners have developed a range of resources to serve the diverse network of individuals and organizations involved in direct seafood marketing. 

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