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The Local Catch Network (LCN) is a community-of-practice made up of fisherman, organizers, researchers, and consumers from across North America that are committed to providing local, healthful, low-impact, and economically sustainable seafood via community supported fisheries (CSFs) and other direct marketing arrangements. We believe this work is critical for supporting healthy fisheries and the communities that depend on them. We seek to increase the visibility and viability of community-based fishermen and aim to provide assistance to individuals and organizations that need support envisioning, designing, and implementing locally-relevant businesses that work towards a triple bottom line. LNC is maintained by a voluntary steering committee that is responsible for supporting the growth and development of the network. For more information, contact us at: info@localcatch.org.

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– Steering Committee –

The Local Catch Network will be soliciting applications for its steering committee in mid-November (2019). For more information, please contact: info@localcatch.org 

– Our Staff –

Taylor WitkinManaging Director

Born, raised, and educated in New England, his interests stem from years of exploring coastlines, marine habitats, and local seafood dishes. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Colby College and a Masters of Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island, where he studied the social and ecological roles of community supported fisheries, the drivers behind the local seafood movement, and the potential for a farmed seaweed market in southern New England. Prior to earning his masters degree, Taylor worked in Washington, DC at Oceana, helping launch Global Fishing Watch, a technology platform that tracks industrial-scale fishing fleets, shining a light on illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing practices. He has also worked on the supply side of the seafood supply chain, as a fish vendor at farmers markets, and has a background in science communications. He has been an active member of the Fish Locally Collaborative and Local Catch networks as a consultant for Eating with the Ecosystem, volunteer for NAMA, and in his roles as a student and researcher. Contact Taylor: taylor.witkin@maine.edu or SustainFish.com

– Past Steering Committee Members –

Past Steering Committee Members:

Lisa Campbell, PhD — Professor of Marine Affairs and Policy, Duke University

Erik Chapman, PhD Director, New Hampshire Sea Grant

Niaz Dorry Coordinating Director, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Kelly Harrell Chief Fisheries and Sustainability Officer, Sitka Salmon Shares

Brett Tolley Community Organizer, Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

Sonia StrobelCo-founder and Managing Director, Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery

Joshua Stoll, PhDAssistant Professor, University of Maine School of Marine Science

Stephanie WebbIndependent fisheries consultant

– Sponsors & Partners –


The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance’s mission is to enhance and maintain healthy marine ecosystems by organizing a decentralized network of community-based fishermen, fishworkers and allies.

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Sea Grant is a federal-university partnership whose mission, as mandated by Congress, is to foster the sustainable development of the nation’s coastal resources.

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The Safina Center translates scientific information into language people can understand and serves as a unique voice of hope, guidance, and encouragement. It seeks to inspire a deeper connection to nature, in everyone touched by an ocean.

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Since their creation by Congress in 1984, NFWF has become one of the world’s largest conservation grant-makers. The organization works with both the public and private sectors to protect and restore our nation’s fish, wildlife, plants and habitats.

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