Established in 2011, the Local Catch Network (LCN) is a hub for knowledge exchange and innovation to support and catalyze local and community-based seafood systems. Today, the network is made up of several hundred members, including over 225 seafood businesses from across North America. Members of the Local Catch Network align with a set of core values that aim to create a higher level of accountability and trust, both internally within the network and externally to the public. Local Catch Network members include seafood harvesters who sell their catch locally and regionally through direct marketing channels as well as those engaged in research, technical assistance, and community organizing.

Our Team

LCN is governed by a volunteer Executive Committee that is responsible for supporting the growth and development of the network. The network is based at the University of Maine with additional backbone support from the North American Marine Alliance.

Our Core Values

Our core values were developed by members of the Local Catch Network in 2016. They reflect LCN’s collective aspirations and act as a guide for those who join the network.

Our Work

By bringing together fishermen, harvesters, seafood businesses, researchers, partner organizations, and consumers, LCN aims to increase the visibility and viability of local and regional seafood systems and community-based fisheries.

Our Sponsors & Supporters

LCN is supported by the University of Maine and the generous contributions of many sponsors and donors.