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In joining the Local Catch Network (LCN) you will become part of a community of fishermen, organizers, researchers, and technical assistance providers from across North America who are working to increase the health and well-being of coastal communities by strengthening local and regional seafood systems. LCN is coordinated by an all-volunteer Executive Committee with backbone support from the University of Maine and the North American Marine Alliance. Established in 2011, the network includes more than 200 seafood businesses from across North America.

The purpose of our network is to (1) bring visibility to the innovative and values-based work that individuals and organizations are doing and (2) create a platform for knowledge exchange and idea sharing between members. LCN aims to be inclusive, accessible, and collaborative. The network is guided by a set of core values that were developed by members in 2016. We welcome new members who align with our values and community agreements, and those who see value in learning from and sharing with others. The role of the Local Catch Network Executive Committee is to listen and learn, facilitate connections, and provide structure, resources, and outputs that elevate LCN members and catalyze community-based seafood systems.

LCN is the community for people involved in community-based fisheries and local seafood systems. We aim to facilitate peer-to-peer learning among fishing communities, researchers, technical assistance providers, and foodservice professionals.

What Type of Member are You?

I am a seafood

Do you operate a community supported fishery (CSF) or seafood business that sells directly to consumers?

I am a researcher, technical assistance provider, community organizer, or foodservice professional

Are you involved in research, provide technical assistance, work closely with, or source from fishers who participate in direct marketing?

I am interested in supporting the Local Catch Network

Learn how you can support the continued growth of the Local Catch Network and its stakeholders.

I want to keep informed about what’s happening in local and regional seafood systems

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