Seafood Harvesters

We welcome seafood harvesters and seafood businesses that sell directly to consumers to join our network.

Eligibility & Expectations

We invite you to join the network if you:

  • Share our network’s core values.
  • Are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and resources with fellow network members.
  • Identify as a small- or mid-sized seafood business, community supported fishery (CSF), dockside market, fishermen-led cooperative, or other similar seafood operation.
  • Sell a portion of your catch directly to consumers (including restaurants and institutions).
  • Support anti-racist, food justice, or food sovereignty activities aimed at strengthening local and regional seafood systems.

Member Benefits

As a member you will:

  • Have your seafood business listed on the Seafood Finder.
  • Have access to direct marketing resources and toolkits.
  • Have access to a member listserv, private slack channel, and facebook discussion board.
  • Be able to participate in technical assistance programs, and have access to Local Seafood Summit fellowships, and professional development opportunities.
  • Strengthen your connection to the North American network of fishing communities, business owners, researchers, technical assistance providers, engaged in local and direct seafood distribution.
  • Be able to share your story with a wide audience through the promotion of your business via LCN’s social media platforms and PR outlets.
  • Receive our newsletter.
  • Be able to engage in national and international policy forums.