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Scale Your Local Catch Information Session

October 15, 1-2pm ET

Scale Your Local Catch (SYLC) is a nation-wide, producer-centered business accelerator developed to strengthen local and regional seafood systems by addressing challenges associated with direct marketing and by building the knowledge, skills, and networks needed for direct marketing seafood businesses to scale up their operations and increase their capacity and viability for long-term resilience.

During this information session we will provided an overview of SYLC including the structure, content, eligibility criteria, and commitment requirements of the program. 

Grants 101 – Seeking, Analyzing, and Writing Basics

March 2021

Learn how to search for grants, analyze requests for proposals (RFPs), and approach grant writing.

Understanding USDA Funding & Resources

January 2021

Learn about USDA funding and resources that support seafood businesses engaged in local and direct seafood marketing

Resources for the Fishing Industry During COVID-19

April 2020

Listen to government officials and other technical assistance providers as they highlight resources for the seafood industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local Catch Network Open Forum

March 2020

Listen to fishermen, community organizers, and other interested parties across North America.

Building Accountability in Seafood

January 2019

What is the legal framework in the US that defines seafood fraud and how do we enforce these laws? Turns out it’s a complex system involving multiple agencies with different standards, resources, and priorities. This webinar focuses on current systems for combating fraud, some of the inherent challenges, and what we can do to address some of those challenges.

Good, Clean, Fair Seafood Supply Chains

October 2018

Join the discussion on the domestic seafood system’s transformation toward a more localized, transparent, trustworthy connection between fish harvesters and consumers via open, honest dialogue about current challenges and collaboration on how to address them.

Building a future of resilient, community-based seafood systems

November 2020

We discussed innovation, entrepreneurship, and resilience happening in local seafood systems and small-scale fisheries during the first 9 months of COVID-19.

Role of the Consumer: Building relationships for better seafood supply chains

September 2019

Is it inherently passive, or should consumers take a more active role in knowing where their seafood comes from? How do fish harvesters, chefs, distributors, institutions and others in the supply chain engage consumers in the conversation about why they should know their fisherman, or at least their fishmonger/chef/etc., and the backstory of their seafood? Learn how can fishermen get to know their customers better and build relationships with them.

Boat to Chef: Building relationships for better seafood supply chains

March 2019

Supporting Local Catch and Slow Fish seafood supply chain values, in the face of increasing fraud and co-optation, is not a simple task. In previous webinars we’ve discussed a ‘community accountability’ concept as one under-explored solution area to combat fraud and its root causes. Technology and innovation have the potential to combat fraud and support ‘community accountability’. However, some new technologies are controversial, such as onboard monitoring which, untethered to any suite of values, may unintentionally benefit those with the largest ecological footprint and displace those with the smallest. Other supply chain technologies, such as QR codes and real-time vessel tracking, are quickly growing while opportunities and challenges are still coming to light.