Slow Fish 201 Webinar Series

This webinar series was developed as a collaborative response to the reports, by the Associated Press and others, of seafood fraud and violations of principles that support the local seafood movement and values-based fishing businesses. During this webinar series, we’ll dive into these complex and alarming issues. Some important questions to consider: How do we, as a community, hold each other accountable for violations of the Core Values that advance the movement? How do we instill, grow, rebuild, and repair trust throughout the (sea)food supply chain?

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Where Innovation, Technology, and Values Meet

March 6, 2019 @ 3:00pm ET/ 12:00pm PT


Supporting Local Catch and Slow Fish seafood supply chain values, in the face of increasing fraud and co-optation, is not a simple task. In previous webinars we’ve discussed a ‘community accountability’ concept as one under-explored solution area to combat fraud and its root causes. Technology and innovation have the potential to combat fraud and support ‘community accountability’. However, some new technologies are controversial, such as onboard monitoring which, untethered to any suite of values, may unintentionally benefit those with the largest ecological footprint and displace those with the smallest. Other supply chain technologies, such as QR codes and real-time vessel tracking, are quickly growing while opportunities and challenges are still coming to light.

This webinar will dive into questions of whether and how existing and emerging technologies can reinforce values such as traceable and simple supply chains, community-based fisheries, fair price and access, honoring the ocean, and eating with the ecosystem.

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Building Accountability in Seafood

Jan 23, 2019 @ 2:30pm ET/ 11:30pm PT


What is the legal framework in the US that defines seafood fraud and how do we enforce these laws? Turns out it’s a complex system involving multiple agencies with different standards,  resources, and priorities. This webinar will focus on current systems for combating fraud, some of the inherent challenges, and what we can do to address some of those challenges. Join Congressman Jared Huffman (D-CA) and a panel of experts who help make the policy, who understand how we enforce it, and who work to bring about meaningful change discuss what’s at stake and why we need to have these conversations.

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Good, Clean, Fair Seafood Supply Chains

Oct 4, 2018


The goal of this webinar was to initiate a discussion on the domestic seafood system’s transformation toward a more localized, transparent, trustworthy connection between fish harvesters and consumers via open, honest dialogue about current challenges and collaboration on how to address them. We heard from community organizers, fishermen, and seafood dealers about opportunities and challenges facing values-based seafood systems.

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