Slow Fish 201 Webinar Series

This webinar series was developed as a collaborative response to the reports, by the Associated Press and others, of seafood fraud and violations of principles that support the local seafood movement and values-based fishing businesses. During this webinar series, we’ll dive into these complex and alarming issues. Some important questions to consider: How do we, as a community, hold each other accountable for violations of the Core Values that advance the movement? How do we instill, grow, rebuild, and repair trust throughout the (sea)food supply chain?

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Building Accountability in Seafood

Jan 23, 2019 @ 2:30pm ET/ 11:30pm PT

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What is the legal framework in the US that defines seafood fraud and how do we enforce these laws? Turns out it’s a complex system involving multiple agencies with different standards,  resources, and priorities. This webinar will focus on current systems for combating fraud, some of the inherent challenges, and what we can do to address some of those challenges. Join Congressman Jared Huffman (D-CA) and a panel of experts who help make the policy, who understand how we enforce it, and who work to bring about meaningful change discuss what’s at stake and why we need to have these conversations.

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Good, Clean, Fair Seafood Supply Chains

Oct 4, 2018

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The goal of this webinar was to initiate a discussion on the domestic seafood system’s transformation toward a more localized, transparent, trustworthy connection between fish harvesters and consumers via open, honest dialogue about current challenges and collaboration on how to address them. We heard from community organizers, fishermen, and seafood dealers about opportunities and challenges facing values-based seafood systems.

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Fisheries Knowledge Exchange Webinar Series

Watch our past webinars focusing on emerging issues related to small-scale, independent, and community-based fisheries.

Connecting to the CSA Movement

May 10, 2017 at 12:00 pm EDT

Join Judith Hitchman, President of URGENCI, and Elizabeth Henderson, founder of Peacework Organic CSA, one of the oldest CSAs in the United States, on May 10 at 12pm EDT, for a Knowledge Exchange Webinar as they share lessons from the Community Supported Agriculture movement that can bring insight, inspiration, and support to the growing movement of CSFs and values-based fishing businesses. Judith and Elizabeth will highlight the newly created Charter for CSAs and draw parallels to the Local Catch Core Values.
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Fisheries Management: Best Available Science May Not Be Good Enough

November 3, 2017 at 3:00 pm EDT

How can we improve fish stock assessments and strengthen collaborative efforts between fishermen, scientists, and managers, even as the oceans are changing faster than we can understand? Big question with many answers. This Webinar will tackle this thorny question and provide some insight on potential solutions, including turning the current top-down management model on its head to allow a more collaborative, inclusive and dynamic approach to management. This type of approach would allow scientists, policymakers and fishermen working together to respond more quickly to regional climate-induced ecosystem shifts. The Webinar aims to set the stage for further constructive discussion on affecting change in fisheries management.
Panel speakers
Bob Steneck: Professor of Oceanography, Marine Biology and Marine Policy
David Goethel: Commercial fisherman out of Hampton, NH and a three-term member of the New England Fishery Management council
John Stoddard: New England Regional Coordinator for Health Care Without Harm’s Healthy Food in Health Care program

Colles Stowell: President of One Fish Foundation

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Ideas for Overcoming Challenges, Selling Catch from Boat-to-Fork

April 12, 2017 at 2:00 pm EST

Challenges to the sustainable economic growth of direct and alternative marketing arrangements were identified at the 2016 Local Seafood Summit held in Norfolk, VA. These challenges were narrowed to the top 5 barriers through a pairwise ranking survey sent to the network in Fall of 2016. Potential solutions and techniques to overcome these barriers will be discussed by a rural development economist, a member of New Hampshire Farm to School, Seaforth Fish Company, and others. The following topics will be discussed.

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Putting our Values to Work

July 27, 2016 at 1:00 pm EST

This webinar will include an overview of the Core Values document that emerged from the Seafood Summit earlier this year. The 11-person values team has been working hard since the Summit to capture all our conversations and share values and is now excited to present back to the network.
Also, as part of the webinar we’ll hear directly from CSF operators and fishermen about how these values are showing up in their businesses and what are ways to operationalize our core values going forward.
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Seafood Aggregation & Hubs at Three Different Scales

May 17, 2016 at 1:00 pm EST

  1. A community-based CSF that aggregates local supply and distributes within that same community. (Thomas Hymel from Delcambre Direct Seafood in Louisiana);
  2. A state-wide CSF that sources from multiple communities within the state. (Kelly Harrell with the Catch of the Season, a project of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council);
  3. A new nation-wide tool for connecting seafood harvesters and purchasers, which was conceived during the February Seafood Summit. (Joe Falcone with Community Seafood Exchange)
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Local Seafood Summit: A review and inventory of action items, your chance to get involved

March 23, 2016 at 1:00 pm EST

The 2016 Local Seafood Summit in Norfolk, Virginia brought together more than 100 fishermen, community representatives, researchers, and extension specialists for a 2 and a half day conference. The event aimed to strengthen the network, establish a shared understanding of the core values that underlie direct marketing and community supported fisheries, and provide tools and knowledge to strengthen the economic viability of the network’s many innovative businesses. This webinar will provide a summary of the summit and outline the many opportunities for collaboration that came out of the event.

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