Local Seafood Summit

2022 Summit

We will be announcing the date and location for our next Local Seafood Summit soon!

About the Summit

The Local Seafood Summit is a practitioner-centric event. It is for small- and mid-scale seafood harvesters and businesses who are interested in sharing experiential knowledge, learning strategies that make community supported fisheries and direct-marketing businesses successful, and collaborating to build a trustworthy, low-impact, domestic seafood supply system. The summit provides an opportunity for those interested in direct-marketing to learn from established businesses and connect directly with other resources in a network that supports good, clean, fair seafood.

Additionally, a primary goal of the summit is to foster relationships between the seafood industry and the support sectors that are critical to the transition toward socio-ecologically responsible, values-based seafood systems. Therefore, the summit is not limited to fishermen and seafood businesses. Through this gathering, we hope to expand the support structure for North America’s small-scale seafood businesses while bringing new and non-traditional partners to the table, providing fresh energy and innovative ideas. We welcome chefs and restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, the media, and others interested in contributing to the Local Catch Network.

2022 Summit Details

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Nelly Hand | Drifters Fish 

Emma Krammer | Straight to the Plate-CSF

Melanie Brown | SalmonState | Bristol Bay Salmon Mama

Katy Rexford | Catch 49 | AK Marine Conservation Council

Sunny Rice | AK Sea Grant

Katy Massury | Eating with the Ecosystem

Robbi Nixon | AK Food Policy Council

Colles Stowell | One Fish Foundation | Slow Fish

Elizabeth Herendeen | SalmonState

Jon Russel | North American Marine Alliance (NAMA)

Joshua Stoll, PhD | Local Catch Network |University of Maine

Jordan Richardson | Local Catch Network | University of Maine

Past Summits

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