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About the Show

Surf & Turf is a seafood justice podcast that dives deep into the complex and often overlooked issues of access, equity, and justice in the U.S. seafood system. From the docks to the dinner plate, seafood supports communities and economies up and down the coasts, but social, political, and environmental conditions pose significant challenges to the health and well-being of the people who rely on fish for their food and livelihoods. Each week, host Dr. Caroline Ferguson speaks with an extraordinary individual working to create a more just seafood system that nourishes us all.

About the host

Dr. Caroline Ferguson

Dr. Caroline Ferguson is a seafood justice scholar from West Memphis, Arkansas. She works with seafood communities to understand and address food sovereignty, equitable fisheries management, environmental degradation, and resistance to the dominant global food system. She is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Social Oceans Lab at the University of Maine, after receiving her PhD from Stanford in 2021. She is also the producer and host of Surf & Turf: a seafood justice podcast, which features interviews with U.S. fishermen and their families, seafood labor organizers, investigative reporters, seafood small business and non-profit leaders, and justice advocates across the seafood system.